The Magic Stool

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The Magic Stool


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The Magic Stool

By: Pastor Peter Adegbie

A long time ago in a faraway land called Abado; there lived a kind man named Merua and his two wives. Merua was a carpenter often went into the village to help old people mend their tables and chairs.

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  • Pages:32 pages
  • Publication Date:Mar 16, 2015
  • Publisher:GOLDEN POT MEDIA
  • Language:English

About Author

Pastor Peter Adegbie

Pastor Peter Adegbie

Author Since: February 12, 2016

Peter Kayode Adegbie a Bachelor of Science, Zoology graduate of the University of Ibadan enjoyed a fulfilling career in the television industry before serving as a Christian Missionary in East and Central Africa. He came to the North East with his wife and business partner in 2003 to study for a MA in creative writing at Northumbria University and has since headed a series of projects.

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