Understanding your path and reaching your destination

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“Here's a law that governs destiny. God expressed it to Abraham. As far as you can see, I will do it. God says my power, greatness, and majesty are limited by you.” By: Admin

God gives us all a blank cheque and we fill it with what we see. If we can see it, God’s signature is mighty enough to cash it. However, fear, cultural baggage and self-imposed limitations keep us from seeing.

Scripture references: John 12:26, Matt 6:22-23, Gen 32, Judges 6 

If you are saved, you have the birthright to make the most of life. The Name above all names is in us, therefore we are destined to be the best in life. This is the mindset we must have as Christians. 

John 12:26 – If we serve God, He will honour us. There are some honours that cannot come from any man but can only come from God; honours that will cause men to recognise that God is in the person’s life. 

Matt 6:22 – Jesus was teaching on the necessity of clarity of vision. The eye of the spirit is the conscience. When your conscience is active and clear you can always see into the spirit and receive from God. When the eye is faulty, or the heart has been clouded e.g. by unforgiveness, it becomes dark. Even though there is a fullness of light from God, it cannot get through. 

Matt 6.23 – It is possible to be working hard but not walking right because something inside us hinders us from the direction God wants us to go in. But God is more passionate and desperate for us to be aligned in His will than we are. The purpose He sent His Son, is that we might be glorified. 

Exercise: List the 10 most important things in life. 

Shortlist to the most important three, then shortlist to the most important one. This exercise is to help us understand that fulfilment begins with identity and self-awareness. Until you understand who you are, you cannot provoke a God vision (e.g. Jacob [Gen 32], Gideon [Judges 6]). 

God’s vision is custom-made, so we need to understand our own uniqueness. If you are not clear about who you are, God cannot entrust you with His vision of your life. The above exercise will help us to think of what is really important to us. This is a pointer to who you really are. 

Self-awareness leads to self-acceptance which gives the strength to overcome opposition. As a man thinks in His heart so is he. It also follows that as a man thinks in his heart, so he sees. There’s a way you think in your heart that you will see what others don’t see. On the other hand, there might be things so glaring but we can’t see them because of how we are thinking in our hearts. 

When the Word begins to become flesh in you and the vision of destiny in you begins to grow, everyone God has appointed who can help to make it happen will begin to gravitate towards you like a magnet. The world will make way for the person who knows where he’s going. 

This is why clarity is so important. God hates indecisiveness – you need to make up your mind about what is most important to you. Then you can begin to generate a strong desire for the end result. This is where faith comes in. If there’s nothing you’re hoping for, you can’t kick the power of faith into operation. 

Blind Bartimaeus and the woman with the issue of blood are two examples of people who made firm decisions and backed them up with action. 

1. What you decide to focus and concentrate on 
2. How you interpret things 
3. What you do to create the results you want. 

.... By Pastor Dr Peter Adegbie